Russell Watson – Outside In

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The story of Russell Watson is inspirational.  It depicts the meteoric rise of a humble factory worker from Salford who was catapulted into international singing stardom. He has sold millions of records worldwide and has performed for some of the most influential people of our time including the King of Malaysia, The President of the United States, the Emperor of Japan, our very own Prime Minister Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Germany, various powerful Sultans, The Beckham’s and even the late Pope John Paul II who requested a private audience with Russell at the Vatican in Rome.  After staging a recent concert at Windsor Castle in the presence of Prince Charles and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles requested Russell’s services as an ambassador for his coveted charity The Princes Trust.  Keeping it in the ‘Royal’ family, Russell has been invited to numerous functions hosted by Queen Elizabeth II including a recent visit to Buckingham Palace.

This success did not happen overnight.  As the son of a factory worker, Russell found himself following in his father’s footsteps working 12 hour nightshifts in a nuts and bolts factory to earn his living.  It was only when he entered a local radio talent competition, beating 400 other hopefuls, Russell decided to throw down the proverbial oily rag and pursue his passion, music!  Russell spent the next few years completing his musical apprenticeship in the North West working men’s clubs.

Russell’s big break came in May 1999 when he was invited to Old Trafford to sing before Manchester United’s Premiership-winning match.  His performance of the World Cup anthem “Nessun Dorma” received a standing ovation. To quote respected sporting journalist, Paul Hince, present at the game: “You know when you have just witnessed something special when even the cynical hacks in the press box rise to their feet and join in the ovation.  I swear, even the pigeons on the roof of the stands flapped their wings”.  Inevitably this triggered a series of sports-related performances.  He was invited to perform so often that one journalist was quoted as saying “there is only one person to have appeared more times at Wembley this year than David Beckham, and that is Russell Watson!”.

Russell returns this Christmas with an amazing new album ‘Outside In’, showcasing the diversity and pure brilliance of the man known simply as ‘The Voice’. Outside In features forthcoming single La Califfa (released 19th November, as well as guest appearances from the legendary Jocelyn Brown as well as the star of the musical Rent, Denise Van Outen, who performs the classic Unforgettable and the cheeky ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’. Russell is also joined by new singing sensation Hayley Westenra on the beautiful Time To Say Goodbye.

Track List

La Califfa
One More Time
Amazing Grace Feat: Jocelyn Brown
Have I told You Lately
Jill’s America
On The Street Where You Live
Baby Its Cold Feat: Denise Van Outen
Love On The Rocks
Time To Say Goodbye Feat: Hayley Westenra
O Holy Night
Adeste Fideles
Nessun Dorma