Seksu Roba – Biography

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SEKSU ROBA is a Japanese-Korean-American electronic music group based in Los Angeles. Using Theremin, Mini-Moog, and microprocessor based technology, they create spacey, groovy, electro-love vibrations that expand the mind and libido while massaging the soul – provocative pop and instrumental music that can be appreciated by electronic music fans, DJ’s, serious music fans, and people who just enjoy fun, eclectic music.

PLEASURE VIBRATIONS (Eenie Meenie records) is the second album by Seksu Roba and marks a significant leap forward in their development.  Emphasis is placed on melody and musicality – things often neglected by many current electronic artists in favor of cutting up beats.  But like their predecessors and inspirations – Giorgio Moroder, Cabaret Voltaire, and Yellow Magic Orchestra – Seksu Roba values a solid, danceable groove to keep things moving while giving the listener something to come back to upon repeated listening.  Lun*na Menoh’s vocals are sensual and sexy, yet always leave plenty to the imagination.  Emphasis is also placed on the synthesizer and theremin as warm, soulful instruments.  Producer/multi-instrumentalist Sukho Lee arranges layers of lines and hooks that evoke the beauty and elegance of works by film composers like Ennio Morricone and Michel LeGrand as well as  classic Brazillian songwriters like Marcos Valle and Caetano Veloso.  The breadth of styles and sounds on Pleasure Vibrations is diverse – space disco, bossa nova, electro-funk, Latin rhythms, 60’s pop, and more – but not without direction or reason.  Underlying the seemingly disparate elements is a modern sensual sound that ties it all together in an easy to swallow whole.

Japanese artist/designer/vocalist Lun*na Menoh ( and Korean producer/thereminist Sukho Lee met through Los Angeles’ underground electronic scene.  Lun*na’s background is in visual arts: fashion design/art, painting, installations, etc. – which she has incorporated into the band through her unique costume and conceptual art.  Sukho Lee’s background is in classical music which helped him learn the theremin (a strange instrument that pre-dates the synthesizer and is played without touching).  Sukho’s musicianship allowed him the opportunity to tour twice with Damo Suzuki – former lead singer of legendary 60’s German progressive rock band, CAN.  Together Lun*na and Sukho put on an arousing show also featuring a large robot named Erector (by Victor White), and bizarre video projections. Their acclaimed LA performances have even helped earn them a nomination in the LA Weekly Music Awards 2003 for Best Electronic Dance Artist (

Seksu Roba was featured in the 2003 South By Southwest music showcase and has performed with Peaches, Tipsy, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Lydia Lunch, as well as label-mates DJ Me DJ You and Anubian Lights.  They’ve toured in Europe, Mexico and around the U.S. west coast. The debut self-titled album was released in 2000 by German label Crippled Dick Hot Wax! ( – best known for re-issuing 60’s European sexploitation soundtracks like “Vampyros Lesbos”.  Seksu Roba will release Pleasure Vibrations in September 2003 on Eenie Meenie Records (, and shall continue to tour and release new songs and remixes on compilations and singles.  The single Hesitation will be released on Ecstatic Records summer of 2003.  Recent tracks appear on the Tipsy remix compilation Tipsy Remix Party (Asphodel) as well as Les Chansons des Perverts (Crippled Dick Hot Wax!) and Cook Book CD/LP (Eenie Meenie).