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Album Review by Mark Bayorss

Following on from his successful PROTOTYPE series for Global Underground, Radio One’s Seb Fontaine has released another double mix album, this time on Perfecto. And if you can’t rely on a pro like Seb Fontaine to compile your mix CDs, then you may as well not bother with the party.

Given that the track selection is designed to reflect the diversity of Fontaine’s live set, it suffers from the usual problem of being incredibly samey. Having said that, both CDs start strong with Saltpervert’s sleazy 5AM segueing into the exoticism of Shagrat’s INDIA on the first, and the electroclash thump of Agent Sumo’s THE FORCE and Aircrash Bureau’s trancey DON’T EXPECT ME kicking off the second.

Actually, overall, the second disk fares better than the first – the beats are deeper and harder and the occasional vocal or orchestral bridge adds much-needed colour. On the first CD, only Andreas B’s superbly named CRAZY HARDCORE BITCH really stands out.

Very much an album of two halves, with the deep, dark second disk easily eclipsing the first.

3 stars