The Seventh Season – Fall Within


Album Review by EDF

The Seventh Season is a group with an interesting past, of sorts. The group was founded in Moscow, Russia in 1972. Led by Yuri Batygin, the group spent the 1970’s performing and recording until they decided to call it a day. Nearly 20 years later, now finding himself on a different continent, Yuri has revived the group with his son Konstantin. Together they have spent countless hours recording this album which has a lot more going for it than its individual parts.

SO INSANE is essentially a folk song backed with rock music but an interesting aspect is how their harmonies almost sound electronic. There is a spirit, a passionate spirit, that screams out of the gung-ho lyrics from the PIRATE SONG. The harmonising guitar solo on LIKE YEARS AGO is great but short and is instead replaced by an average keyboard solo. The drum parts are obviously not live but are programmed to suit tracks such as FALL WITHIN. The mid-tempo DESIRE and DRAG ME are both a welcome change of pace and mood, with both tracks sounding like something from the early 1980’s.

Typically the group leaves the best till last as ARMY OF REALITY is easily the best produced track here. The main problem with most of the songs is the way certain sounds are mixed. The album would have benefited with some mastering sessions as it lacks any real bass to fill out the songs. Nevertheless, if The Seventh Season were to record another album, then it would be a safe bet to say that it would be better produced than this one.

4 stars