Shed Seven – Where Have You Been Tonight?

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

Given that Shed Seven have played over a thousand shows, a live album is pretty overdue. They have been going for nearly a decade now, and while they remain a classic example of a band that’s “big in Japan”, they still manage to dent the charts, carried along by little more than fan support.

The tracklist for WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN TONIGHT? contains a number of Shed Seven classics, including GOING FOR GOLD, DOLPHIN, GETTING BETTER and SHE LEFT ME ON FRIDAY, alongside newer tracks like STEP INSIDE YOUR LOVE and latest single WHY CAN’T I BE YOU?

Standouts are the epic CHASING RAINBOWS, complete with crowd singalong, tender CRY FOR HELP, and funky closer DISCO DOWN, all of which elevate the York band beyond the lumpen student union rock of much of the rest of their output.

Like most live albums, this is really just for fans of the band. You can’t fault the execution of the songs but, like the band themselves, it’s all a bit unexciting.

3 stars