Soulversive Productions – Alphabet Of Life

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EP Review by EDF

When you first listen to a body of work, it is like hopping in your car and deciding to drive off to an unexplored location without a map. Sometimes the trip is enjoyable, other times it is not. This EP leans towards the former but also brings with it an air of mystery that is sure to get your mind thinking about what you’ve just heard.

From the start, you do not quite know where the EP will take you. In fact it is not until you go passed the first two tracks, not lasting more then two minutes, that the EP finally picks up from the THE UNBORN on. With Cheryl Dublin providing vocals, the tracks are a mixture of poetry, jazz and hip-hop. Dublin’s vocal delivery is captivating as she smooth raps and sings her way through a funky urban beat. This EP sounds so cool; the different rhythm tracks will entice you to listen more closely to the lyrics for repeated listening.

5 stars