Sound Of The Pirates

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Album Review by EDF

This compilation is a bit of a mixed bag. The first proper track is by Zed Bias himself whoseNEIGHBOURHOOD track showcases what UK Garage is about. It’s all well and good but repetitive. Azzido Da Bass’s DOOMS NIGHT offers a creative twist with hints of dance. There are four exclusive remixes on this release, one being the Artful Dodger & Romina Johnson track MOVIN’ TOO FAST remixed by Zed Bias. If it were not for the vocal line, this mix would have made the original unrecognizable. I suppose that’s the whole point of a remix.

One of the other remixes is the Stephen Emanuel remix of Basement Jaxx’s YOU CAN’T STOP ME which gets a bit repetitive. One the other hand we have Wookie’s DOWN ON ME, which is a bit slow to start off with, but eventually gets into the swing of things.

Going by the way Garage is represented here it will have to evolve soon to keep itself fresh or it will fade into the distance. Artists such as the Davis Jr. track GABRIEL offers more than it should with an interesting vocal workout that gives the song space to breath. But unfortunately Suburban Lick’s HERE COMES THE LICK borrows heavy from UB40’s 1 IN 10 when it doesn’t really need to.

If you like UK Garage, then this is collection is good until the next one comes along. If you are not a fan, well…….. I’ll let you decide.

3 stars