Stokka – Envy

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Album Review by Natalie Homer

ENVY is Ontario-based twosome Jay Munro and Tiago Pablo a.k.a. Stokka’s first independent studio release and the result of two months of an intensive recording frenzy that produced over sixty songs. Nine rounded electro-rock tunes made the cut. Driven by the ‘vicious cycle of meaningless and mundane suburban life’ as explained by singer-songwriter Munro, it is no surprise then that ENVY is for the most part dark and morose; definitely not music for dancing with yourself.

Incorporating 1980s alt. rock synth with post millennium trance beats, the influences are obvious: DEPECHE MODE, SKINNY PUPPY and at times the new age violins and piercing piano chords put me in mind of ARCADE FIRE, without the smiles. Munro’s singing also reminds me of ROBERT SMITH, THE CURE.

SONGS FOR THE LONELY is definitely very catchy. They perhaps sound a little too much like their influences but who am I to criticize? Oasis did very well for itself in exactly the same way. I hope they continue to re-invent the sound they know so well and bring it right up to date.

2 stars