Timo Maas – Shifter

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Single Reviews by EDF and Mark Bayross

Review by EDF

The second single to be released from his LOUD album, SHIFTER features a funky, filthy bass line which is easily matched by MC Chickaboo’s rap. With only one thing on her mind, the sleazier and wilder it is, the better, as all she wants is a thrill seeker. As it always is with any releases from the Perfecto label, you know you are on to a winner. Should be as big a hit as Timo Maas’s first single TO GET DOWN.

5 stars

Review by Mark Bayross

As predicted, Timo Maas’ breakthrough single TO GET DOWN really did the business here in the UK. Reaching No. 14 and firmly establishing the German DJ as a bone fide pop star, it did indeed find its way onto Yoof TV with alarming predictability.

But I must admit, it grew on me, and Timo’s album LOUD was a satisfying melting pot of breaks and beats, even if it was a bit by-the-numbers. So here we have the second single from the album, and SHIFTER will really come as a surprise to anyone expecting a repeat of the former single’s cut-up samples and grungey riffage.

Slinking along on a bed of big beat and 80s electro, MC Chickaboo delivers a sassy, sussed vocal that’ll go down a storm in clubs, only interrupted by a rather bizarre outburst of demonic cookie monster processing towards the end.

Less impressive are the inevitable mountain of accompanying remixes, except perhaps Roger Sanchez’s S-MAN HEARTBREAKA MIX, which takes an interesting trance-meets-salsa diversion.

4 stars