Utah Saints – Lost Vagueness

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Single Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Despite being ace, it has to be said that Utah Saints’ comeback album TWO was no way near the monster hit it should have been. This was possibly down to the fact that, apart from a couple of choice cuts (released as singles anyway), the album may have been a bit too mellow for these post-Prodigy times.

LOST VAGUENESS is one of the album’s more ‘horizontal’ tunes, and is notable for running Chrissie Hynde’s vocals through some kind of robotised effects box, so that she sounds like some kind of disembodied alien. Quite why the Leeds duo bothered roping in Ms Hynde only to make her totally unintelligible is beyond me, but that doesn’t stop the track from being an excellent slice of trippy electronica.

The single comes backed with a number of mixes, most of which don’t do much to vary the theme, with the exception of Maverick Olsen’s thumping trance workout (complete with sampled POWER TO THE BEATS outro – very nifty), and Oliver Lieb’s housey mix (which also appeared on PAUL OAKENFOLD’s “Travelling” album).

This single embodies everything that made TWO such a pleasure. If you don’t have the album yet…what are you waiting for?

4 stars