Whitesnake – The Silver Anniversary Collection

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Album Review by EDF

Not many people would have thought it possible but it looks like heavy metal is on its way back. With the likes of Iron Maiden and Gary Moore out touring and Metallica releasing an album of pure raw energy, it’s time for another long time survivor to remerge and remind people just how enjoyable his music was. Step forward David Coverdale and Whitesnake who managed to adapt and change thanks to Coverdale’s musical survival instincts.

Whitesnake from the late 1970’s to the early 1980’s had a raw blues edge feel to their hard rock sound that can be found on tracks such as FOOL FOR YOUR LOVING, DON’T BREAK MY HEART AGAIN and LONELY DAYS LONELY NIGHTS. Then there are the Thin Lizzy sounding harmony guitar riffs on GUILTY OF LOVE and THE TIME IS RIGHT FOR LOVE. Luckily Coverdale did not stick too long with this particular sound.

As the eighties progressed, Whitesnake’s sound got a lot heavier as found on tracks such as GIVE ME ALL YOUR LOVE, STRAIGHT FOR THE HEART and HERE I GO AGAIN. Of course there were the ballads as well which include BLINDMAN, LOVE IS BLIND and of course the classic IS THIS LOVE. There were other tracks such as AIN’T GONNA CRY NO MORE, and the Coverdale/Page collaboration PRIDE AND JOY and TAKE A LOOK AT YOURSELF, which might not be familiar to anyone but Coverdale’s fans but are worth checking out.

This is a very extensive collection of tracks that do Coverdale and his various projects a huge amount of justice. Anyone who has any doubts to the various incarnations of David Coverdale should check out the live acoustic versions of SOLDIER OF FORTUNE and SAILING SHIPS.

To give this collection anything less than full marks would not be justified at all.

5 stars