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EP Review by EDF

Zamza is the brainchild of keyboardist / producer Max Kourbanov who has been performing locally in his native Russia for the best part of a decade. His influence is within electronic music and interests with the likes of Fat Boy Slim, The Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers amongst others. This places him within the breakbeat and big beat area of dance music.

With a successful stint at local shows gaining Zamza column inches in the press, this has led to Zamza signing with the Brighton, UK based Raw42 Co Ltd. The music contained within this four track EP is more beat based than say your average Fat Boy Slim track. Surprisingly, there were no samples used on any of the tracks. Out of the four tracks, TRIBAL MASK comes across as being a bit too repetitive and ALFRED ITCHCOCK fails to excite due to a lack of cohesion to what the track should be. One thing that you cannot fault Kourbanov for is his sense for experimentation.

4 stars