Zed Bias – Neighbourhood

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

Stonehenge. Crop circles. Spontaneous human combustion. The world is full of mysteries, but now to add to the list, we have UK garage. I guess I’m not “with it” on this one, but I am constantly amazed how this monotonous dirge has survived the duration of one record, let alone spawned an entire scene. I mean, there are shops that sell only this music, and radio stations and clubs where they play only this…it sends a shiver down my spine.

With its garage-trademark muted thump-thump bass and the duo of MC Rumpus and soul diva Nicky Prince, NEIGHBOURHOOD is the sound of the summer, blah, blah… Added to the original are two near identical mixes, one a bit trancier than the other (I forget which one).

I have heard worse garage than this, but that’s not saying much.

2 stars