NAKED (2017) – movie review

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Naked - Marlon WayansMovie review by Nigel A. Messenger

Stars: Marlon Wayans, Regina Hall, Dennis Haysbert
Director: Michael Tiddes
Written by Cory Koller, Marlon Wayans and Rick Alvarez

Naked stars Marlon Wayans as Rob Anderson a groom who on the morning of his wedding experiences a time loop in a Groundhog Day style event.

Waking up in an elevator literally naked Wayans character experiences mishap after mishap stopping his wedding going ahead successfully. Every time the church bell rings his day is reset and he’s back naked in the elevator.

Learning from his experiences he eventually fine tunes the day so the wedding can go ahead perfectly while making lots of new and unusual friends along the way.

He also uncovers a saboteur among the guests who has gone to extremes to stop the wedding.

Naked is a fun little movie that’s well acted and has good intentions but it fails on a certain level because while trying to be a crazy comedy it’s actually a romantic comedy at heart.

Unfortunately the two styles clash and there’s a point in the movie that you really just start watching the clock hoping that the purely romantic piece will end.

Fortunately it does to some extent and the story picks up to finish the film on a high.

If you’re a fan of Marlon Wayans and you are looking for something light and inoffensive you could do a lot worse and Naked certainly leaves you in a happy mood.

3 out of 6 stars