Christina Aguilera – Christina Aquilera

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Album Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Christina Aquilera – gorgeous, blonde, young, female singer. That’s where the similarity with Britney Spears stops. They’re both great new talented artists but they are not the same. They don’t sound the same and they don’t look the same. I’m sick of hearing the rest of the media grouping them together, “Christina Aguilera – the next Britney Spears”. Well Britney hasn’t gone anywhere and Christina Aguilera’s here with her own style.

Her new album, her first, has the development and maturity of a second or third album. It’s got backbone, balance and it knows where it’s going.

The massive hit single, GENIE IN A BOTTLE is the opening track, but where as some first albums trail off into random styles all mixed up, this one develops and is a showcase for Christina’s range. She has a strong voice which really comes across in tracks like REFLECTION.

This is an album that’s sure to produce more hits, and more hit albums to follow.

5 stars