Extropy – Lethe

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Album Review by EDF

The first thing that came to mind when I started playing this album is how this could be what my computer must sound like when it starts up. I don’t mean the sounds that us humans hear when the said machinery rolls into action but how it must sound to the computer itself when it is brought to life. With a growling guitar, a Pink Floyd type vocal and a saw type noise mixed in for…no hang on a minute, that’s the workmen in my kitchen using a saw, but somehow it sounds just right. This is probably a good example of how sparse, loose and ambient this whole album is.

CINDEREL is a track with two haves, a three-minute build up followed by a guitar solo of the ambient industrial kind. Predictably, the track ends as it began, a mix of noises over a lonely sounding piano. The programmed drum beat on LACUNA sounds like it came from the Matrix universe and is let down by dull vocal effects and uninteresting chords.

One of the best tracks is actually the shortest track on the album. The instrumental LACONIC is just over a minute long and is the best thing I have heard on this album. ANHYDROUS continues with THE MATRIX effect and this being a song with two halves, you wonder where the group is taking you times. It is scary to think it but imagine BLADE RUNNER meets KING CRIMSON and you will have a fair idea what this album is like.

3 stars