First Night On Earth – No One Knows Anything For Sure


Album Review by EDF

Formed by Wes Grasty, this five-piece band from North Carolina has a sound that is similar at times to some British guitar groups from the 1980’s. This gives First Night On Earth an edge over other upcoming American bands, as this is the sort of sound that is quite unique these days to which a lot of bands, if they tried, would otherwise fail to reproduce. With a pulsing bass and a hypnotic echo guitar sound, this album would at times make you want to drift away.

THE THRILL puts the point across that there is nothing wrong with ones heart when “there is something wrong with yours”. I’VE BEEN TOLD brings out the doubts when told that “I’m not quite right for what you want” but he is not “quite what you see”. A GOOD REASON tries to get you to live your life like it was the last night on earth. This slow paced tune builds up to the chorus where its hard not to notice the excellent guitar work from Stephen Yount mixed with atmospheric sound effects and haunting backing vocals from Tina Cargill.

While it is fair to say that the band definitely have their own sound, unfortunately, this limits them regarding the added scope their music could bring to their decent lyrics. At times the vocals sound a bit on the lazy / dreamy side and this might be too much for some people to last a whole album. Otherwise, what First Night On Earth has started should stir up some interest to see where they will next take themselves. Let’s hope there will be a second night on earth.

4 stars