Geezers Of Nazareth – Songs On The Radio

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

Beloved of the likes of Steve Lamacq, Geezers Of Nazareth (see what they did there?) craft the sound of psychedelic soul “made by two white boys” that is designed to move you, “take you somewhere else”. Unfortunately, for much of this album, that’s exactly where I wanted to be…somewhere else.

Okay, there’s nothing particularly wrong with the songs here – there’s a bit of a Turin Brakes feel to tracks like CAR SONG and SO WHAT – but the overall effect is just so dull. Everything creeps along in unassuming, shuffling fashion. Bits of brass here, twinkly effects there. It’s all very nice and coffee table jazz.

Even slightly more spritely songs like the lyrically more adventurous THE GEEGEES just meander along before descending into a mush of freeform trombone or repetitious strumming. Only the previously available HARD BLOKE raised any kind of interest in me.

Of course, this might sound right up your street, and technically it’s fine, but it doesn’t do anything I haven’t heard to greater effect elsewhere. Plus the title track is 10 minutes long. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

2 stars