Goldie Lookin Chain – Safe As Fuck

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

Incredibly we are at album number two from self-styled chav crew Goldie Lookin’ Chain and the jokes, I am happy to say, still haven’t worn off. Lead single YOUR MISSUS IS A NUTTER was a bit of a lazy re-tread, but they still have enough ideas to fill another full length.

Whether it’s taking on ambulance chasing claims companies on BAD BOY LIMP or the media hysteria surrounding cannabis use (HRT – the GLC’s “scientifically accurate” report on the resulting reduction of testosterone levels), it’s clear that the late night song writing brainstorms have been paying off.

Musically, they continue to do a sterling job of mimicking your favourite chart acts, from the omni-present banality of identikit pop and Ibiza dance on HIT SONG to boy band R n’ B on, erm, R N’ B (admittedly familiar territory after YOU KNOWS I LOVES YOU), it’s either an indication of their natural ability as songwriters or an indictment of the current state of commercial music.

There’s also some originality here with their choice of samples, nicking the “Grange Hill” theme tune on CHARMSCHOOL and throwing in some genuinely funky bounce on the bonkers MAGGOT AT MIDNIGHT, while their ability to offend has not diminished with swearathons aplenty (unsurprisingly given the high street-unfriendly album title), references to “getting blown by whores” and considerable offence caused to Jeremy Beadle and Heather Mills McCartney within the space of one song.

I have to admit I laughed out loud a number of times – anyone that can use the tune of WALKING IN THE AIR to soundtrack the creepy trip-hop of the drug-addled PARANOIA is nothing short of a genius.

5 stars