Groove Magic – Various Artists

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Album Review by EDF

There seems to be this fascination for chill-out and ambient music of late. For those of us that are geared up to living in these mad fast concrete jungles, this sort of music is the nearest we would get to say a walk in the countryside or watching the back and forth motion of the waves. It only seems fitting that Music Mosaic should compile such a CD that literary takes you, at times, to a different continent.

The first couple of tracks are percussion led, a somewhat hypnotic rhythm that will slow your racing heartbeat to a safer steady rhythm. Feel the flight of the wind over sand dunes on ‘Medecine Trance’ by PROFESSOR TRANCE or the celebration of the celtic ‘Summer Solstice’ by PHIL THORNTON, which is nearly the equivalent to a ‘wish you were here’ postcard. The mix of bamboo flute and a haunting shaman’s voice is enough for ‘Sassi’ by KAMAL to take us to a place very few of us will ever physically go.

’Hadouk’ by DIDIER MALHERBE & LOY EHRLICH have the audacity to mix a jazz saxophone with kora but somehow it works, making this my own favourite track on the collection. We have even more jazz musings on ‘Carry Me’ by RAVI, who, just as on the previous track, also plays kora. Not all the tracks are of an equal enjoyable nature but that should not stop you from kicking back, putting your feet up and enjoy the sounds of life from around the world.

5 stars