Home Grown – You’re Not Alone

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

More cheeky California pop-punkers (complete with nudge-nudge drug reference name, or is that just my imagination?) making a bid for the Sum/Charlotte/182 crown courtesy of Drive Thru Records, home of Something Corporate, New Found Glory and RX Bandits.

Their latest album KINGS OF POP is produced by Sepultura collaborator Steve Evetts and apparently sees vocalist / bassist Adam Lohrbach getting “a little more sensitive and serious”. Yikes! Still, no need to panic, because YOU’RE NOT ALONE is a sunny, bouncy number that, despite an admittedly more mature outlook than the usual beer, skating and women preoccupation of the pop-punk crowd, will have no trouble getting the kids pogoing along on CD:UK.

Be sure to check out the accompanying funny-clever video too, complete with (now obligatory) parodies, this time of bands like At The Drive-In and Alkaline Trio.

4 stars