Hook – The Temple

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EP Review by EDF

If a person were to track the development of Electronic Music, it would start with Kraftwerk, then move along to the likes of Devo, Ultravox, Human League and then onto pop acts such as OMD, Soft Cell, Depeche Mode and the Pet Shop Boys and so on. Justin Katz, incorporating all of these fine groups, is virtually a one-man band recording under the guise of Hook. After spending nine months playing computer games, once he had peeled himself away from his computer screen, Katz decided to record some music and go out touring, sort of. Equipped with a drum machine, sequencer and keyboards, the passengers using St. Louis County buses in Missouri found themselves entertained like never before.

Showing a range of different electronic styles, Hook’s music varies from the pure pop tunes to the odd techno track and everything else in between. Proving to have a flair for infectious bass lines and warm melodies, Hook can easily compete with the best in this genre.

Anyone visiting Hook’s website or the phoney fan sites will find the odd eccentric curiosity that would not be far out of place with his earlier “tours” efforts.

As the saying goes “Hook. He’s the pants”.

5 stars