Reggie And The Full Effect – Songs Not To Get Married To

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

The fourth album from Get Up Kids keyboardist and Coalesce drummer James Dewees sees him ditching much of the multiple personality lunacy of previous records and get semi-serious. Having just gone through a messy divorce, Dewees has used this aptly-titled album to vent his frustration and pain – to stunning effect.

SONGS NOT TO GET MARRIED TO runs the gamut from synth-enhanced emo (WHAT THE HELL IS CONTEMPT; GET WELL SOON; CAVING) to raging hardcore (THE FUCK STOPS HERE; the Dillinger-style growlfest of THE TROOTH) and glacial electro balladry (the beautiful THANKS FOR THE MISERY). It’s an incredible record and one that never fails to entertain.

The mood veers violently between tongue-in-cheek (the Apoptygma-meets-New Order LOVE REALITY; the meat-head EBM of DEATHNOTRONIC) and heartbreaking (epic closer PLAYING DEAD) – much as you would expect from someone whose marriage has just broken up. And sitting in the middle of this emotional maelstrom is pure synth-pop perfection in the form of the insanely catchy TAKE ME HOME, PLEASE.

I’ve not stopped playing this since I first got it and if you want to hear one of the most varied, addictive and bonkers albums since Faith No More’s “Angel Dust”, I advise you to check it out right away. I just hope it was as cathartic to make as it is to listen to.

6 stars